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con it does get tangled on you but it's a curly pattern so that's a given, but I just run a llittle bit of lukewarm water through the cheap celebrity style lace front wigs and it just kind of just Falls right back into place so that's a plus other than that she's beautiful. I knew from the beginning I was going to wear it at the Bob length and also with the bun up top.. so it worked out for me, but right out the box if you wanted to wear it as is u definitely can.At first I did not like the cheap lace front wigs so much but after I got around to acually tweaking it I fell in love.... Looks so natural and because it's so thick it blends so well.Shipping was fast..arrived early... Omg it is the first wig k ever bought and its soooo am soooo buying anothee one..already my mum is going too as wellm hope the pictures helpi had just reveived it so did no lace cutting or anything.its soft..curly.alot of shreds..omg totally loving this.I have received so many compliments on this cheap celebrity lace wigs! I love the fact that it actually fits my head, cause I have a small head and most wigs are too big for me, but this one fits perfect! I did cut it a little to add extra layers, just around my face and a little in the back towards the bottom. I don't wear it much because, it is a curly unit and too much wear and I know it will began to tangle.

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