A woman who is pregnant out of wedlock,without hope,met the guy who works at the wig company

Premarital pregnancy
Every woman dreams of having a beautiful head of hair. They say it can even help you find a good husband. My husband and I met through wigs and immediately bonded and got married.
The misery of life in the big city
At that time, I was living in a bustling city, struggling alone, without the support of the family, only me against the world, my parents were old, and unfortunately, I was unmarried at that time but already pregnant, I can only take my belly life together to make a living.
During pregnancy, I began to realize how important it is to take care of myself. As an expectant mother, I need to do too much work, money, children, house, I am afraid I can not support, my life without spiritual comfort, friends are living too far away from me.

Chance meeting
Life often surprises us when we least expect it. One sunny morning, as I ventured out with a basket of vegetables, I bumped into neighbor Allen Hen. He works in a wig factory, and there's something about him -- he shines even in his busy schedule, and as a man, he's always wearing all kinds of wigs, and he's wearing a new type today, and I think it's extension hair, and they look very design, Thicker than the wig head cover I'd worn before, boho-style braids, and a lot of what I couldn't help but ask: "Hey Alan, what's the secret to you looking so good?"

Alan's initial surprise at my question quickly turned to excitement. He smiled and said, "Honey, there are no secrets. You have beautiful hair, you can try to please yourself with them, "At the end of the conversation, Allen, probably discovering that I do have a passion for wigs, said to me with a smile," How about coming to my house this Saturday at two o 'clock?" I can introduce you to something that might surprise you - our beautiful wigs. I really want you to see it. You just have to think about what kind of distribution you like,"
Life has a funny way of giving you opportunities when you least expect them. Alan's invitation felt like a signal, a nudge of fate, telling me that life had many surprises waiting for me. "Well, my dear," he continued, "there are many surprises in store for you. We really want you to come see it. Please give us this chance!"

Welcome to the world of wigs!
Alan's warm greeting brought me back to earth. "Welcome to the world of wigs!" "He shouted with an infectious smile. He carefully selected a beautiful wig and placed it gently on my head. In an instant, I felt like a different person - more confident, and undoubtedly more beautiful.
A world of possibilities
As I stared at myself in the mirror, Alan asked me with an impish smile, "Well, did you like it?" The excitement was overwhelming: "It's beautiful!"
But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Alan leaned over and whispered mysteriously, "It's just one of our many styles. There are tons of surprises to discover."
Boho Knotless Braids
So I tried Boho Knotless Braids, Allen used human hair extensions to create a natural appearance for me. God knows how nervous I was sitting in the chair of his house, I was like a girl who just fell in love, but Allen was very enthusiastic to serve me during the whole process. I think she knew exactly what I needed. We talked about school and being young during the hair session. Allen's cooking was amazing. He made taco like a chef. We had a great time.
Until I I met you
After 50 years of marriage and a lifetime of experience, I know the value of a good head of hair. I recently turned 70, today is my wedding anniversary with my husband Allen, and although my hair is not as good as it was when I was younger, I use a wig to keep my youth beautiful, which is my secret to staying young, and in the summer heat, I don't wear the headlines that make my hair hot. I chose BULK BRAIDING HAIR, which I can do myself, and now Allen is here with me, and he's crazy, and he's trying out the Little Mermaid, the Queen's strategy, the redhead style, and he says he's going to try the Barbie beauty style, and my love, who's also over 70, He always makes me feel that life is new.

Jumbo Boho Box Braids

Box braids are a staple for protective hairstyles for the summer. Journie has always wanted to get box braids professionally done. She didn’t want to go for the traditional box braids, she wanted to try bohemian jumbo box braids. With this look, Alba braided her hair with our wavy bulk hair in 22” inches, about 5-6 bundles. Then using the 12” curly bulk hair, she crocheted them into the braids and knotted them so they can give that messy boho look. Journie is looking like a brand new woman with her new do and she is loving it! 

Feed-In Low Ponytails

If you don’t want to fully commit to the protective braided hairstyles, you can also do feed in low ponytails. Davy wanted to prepare for her birthday celebration with a new hairstyle! She wanted to do feed in low ponytails with curly hair for a more volumized lengthy approach. To add length to the braids, Alba used some of our tight curly weft hair.  She put the braids in a small bun, and secured the weft with bobby pins! With all of that done, Davy is ready to celebrate her birthday in style!

Braided Half Ponytail

This hairstyle will definitely give you summer vibes! Brittni has plans this summer to go to Hawaii, and what better way to go on vacation than with a new cute look! Alba braided the top of her head and put half of the hair into a ponytail. To add in extra volume, she added in our clip-in set. To take it to the max, she crimped the hair and teased it a little bit to give a fuller look. She also added length to the top half of the hair and wrapped one of the clip-ins to cover the elastic hair tie. Brittni is now ready to drink Pina Coladas and layout on the beaches of Hawaii! 

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