#1b/33 Full Lace Wigs

i like the cheap virgin hair full lace wigs its soft on the front side its a little thick from the hair line.Let me start by saying I love this wig.the quality of the fiber is so soft and silky, I've never dealt a wig quite like this. because wig the silkyness of the fibers it's quite light weight and doesn't feel to heavy on the head. the wig is made to have natural looking part which looks pretty good when I compared it to my other expensive cheap virgin hair full lace wigs. it's good enough to fool anyone who might be looking.The color is pretty, the dark to blond makes it look really natural and the wefts don't have a shiny finish to them which is a huge problem in cheap virgin hair full lace wigs. Im glad this one has a matte finish. it seems to be pretty tangle resistant, I did a few styles with it and didn't have to comb through it. the only possible way I could think to improve this cheap full lace wigs is to clip on some small bangs but that's just my preference as I'm very partial to bangs. otherwise this was a very worth while purchase to me and will definitely recommend this seller again. I will also continue to do business with them.Great quality !! Needed another cheap virgin hair full lace wigs since mine kept tangling. So soft. The wig was full it looks just like the picture Beautiful. if you look really close you can tell it's definitely a wig, but it is a really cute one.Would recommend.I love this cheap curly full lace wigs! I feel beautiful again. Nobody knows that its not my hair and it gives me a new found confidence!This wig is perfect for daily wear as it's not too thick and it too thin. The skin top makes it look more natural like a middle part and the ombré effect is great for whatever eyebrow color you might have. Definitely suits a variety of skin tones. Easily would recommend this to cosplayers as well. My only dislike is that it sheds a bit too much.

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