i LOVE this cheap lace front wigs for black women it fits perfectly and is the right length. The texture is right on point I don't care for the silky smooth hair that doe snot resemble my hair texture. This texture is right on the money and feels as if it is healthy cheap lace front wigs. It does not give you the shaggy look.OK so when I first got this wig and pulled it out of the casing I was disappointed. It was a lot more of yaki a texture then I thought it would be. Yes, I know it's called yaki 30 but I thought the texture would be a little more relaxed like inbetween a silky and yaki. It was even more crinkly than my own kinky hair. Kinda reminded me of yarn cheap lace front wigs for black women. So it was very long and on first glance it really resembled a Halloween wig. But I didn't have any options. Very limited number of beauty supply stores in my area. My friends birthday party was the next evening and I had to make it work. So I made the wig a side part and decided to throw some curls in it so I wouldn't look some much like Elvira. Upon using the flat iron I saw that the heat styling took away a lot of the yaki crinkles and made the hair look smoother. Still yaki but more polished and club ready. So after I customised it the wig ended up turning out very beautiful and is now my favorite cheap human hair lace front wigs. If you're not into super obvious yaki texture then I suggest getting the straight style. I plan to purchase that one next. But honestly this is a must have based on just the length and cap construction alone. Very comfortable.By far, the best looking, packaging, quality, weight, fit, lace, color, wig for and exceptional price on top of it all. I bought a wig I payed three times more that can'c compare to it. I am impressed. Highly recommending!