Extensiones de cabello con clip sin costuras


    ¡Sáltate el salón! Nuestras extensiones de cabello con clip sin costuras (también conocidas como cabello con clip invisible o extensiones de cabello con clip de PU) cuentan con una base de trama delgada de PU con clips adjuntos. Quedan planos para un ajuste cómodo, lo que le permite probar nuevos estilos sin esfuerzo para ocasiones especiales como bodas, graduaciones o citas.

    Estas extensiones de cabello con trama de piel de PU se mezclan perfectamente con tu cabello, sin dejar rastros de extensiones. Aumente su confianza con transformaciones de cabello impecables. Añade nuestras extensiones de cabello con trama de PU a tu carrito ahora y logra un cabello de ensueño sin esfuerzo.

    ¿Los puntos que hacen que nuestras extensiones de cabello con clip sin costuras sean especiales?

    • Hecho de cabello humano de primera calidad para una apariencia y sensación naturales
    • Fácil de aplicar y quitar, no daña el cabello
    • Variedad de estilos y colores para todos los gustos y ocasiones
    • Clips duraderos que permanecen seguros durante todo el día
    • Precios asequibles sin comprometer la calidad

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The life-span of your clip-ins depends on how well you care for them. They can last anywhere from 3-6 months, to over a year if you wash them carefully, use heat protectant spray, and store them properly.

    Clip-ins are pretty easy to install and can be done quickly by separating the hair into sections and clipping the hair directly to those pieces of your natural hair.

    Follow the steps to install Clip in hair extensions:
    Step 1: Section the hair at the back of your head, and tease your hair to place the clips securely to your scalp.
    Step 2: Snap the clips to close them near the scalp. You can also begin a small block braid to create an anchor for the clip if your hair is too fine to tease.
    Step 3: Follow Step 2 throughout your hair until you’re done with your clips.

    Clip-ins are the safest extensions option for your hair, and should not damage your hair if you are using them properly! Be sure to attach clip-ins to enough hair that you don't feel them pulling on your natural hair. Always remember to remove them before you go to sleep so that the clips don't tug on your strands. Other than that, you should have no hair damage from using clip-ins.

    Clipping in hair extensions is a quick and easy process that should take about 10 minutes.

    Nope! Clip-ins are very versatile and simple to install yourself. You may want to bring them to a stylist to have them and colored or highlighted to fit in perfectly with your hair, but you will be able to easily add and remove them daily.

    Yes! Our clip-ins are made of 100% human hair, so they can be styled exactly like your own hair. Blow dry it, iron it, curl it - just be sure to use a heat protectant spray!

    Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with lukewarm water. Bundle the clips together at the top and secure them with a small rubber band to make them easier to manage. Always work the product and rinse downwards from the roots to ends. Air-dry the extensions

    If you want to install the clip-in extensions on your full head, then you may need 2 sets of clip-ins. Rest the need depends on the volume you're looking for. If you have thin hair we suggest using just one set as it might get visible considering the hair volume you carry.

    Only when they are installed incorrectly and are not clipped in the right way will they risk failing off.