10 Human Hair Braided Hairstyles To Slay This Summer

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10 Human Hair Braided Hairstyles To Slay This Summer

For the perfect blend of hairlegance and summer glow, here are some human hair braided hairstyles you can rock this summer.

1. Box Braids

We know you expected box braids to top this chart, and you are right. Box braids are timeless hairstyles that help you slay effortlessly. Braid lovers usually have this hairstyle for about 3-6 weeks; it's a perfect protective style and can be styled in multiple ways.
With bulk human hair, your box braids look silkier and shinier. The best part? It's easier to take down with fewer tangles and gives your natural hair extra care because it's tender.

Box Braids

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2. Knotless Braids

Coming up right behind box braids are Knotless braids. They are so chic and lightweight that they get extra love as the go-to back-to-school hairstyles. You can rock your knotless braids in various styles, as human hair can be curled or straightened.

Knotless Braids

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Knotless Braids Black

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3. Goddess Braids

You must try out the Goddess braid if you love your braids to have an extra definition with curls. It's a box braid highlighted by extra curly strands attached to it. You can rock this hairstyle as short, mid or long. A perfect way to complement that summer glam.

Goddess Braids

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4. Bohemian Braids (Boho Braids)

Bohemian braids, popularly known as Boho Braids, are another beautiful human hair style you can rock this summer. The technique for Boho braids is: it’s braided for a few inches; then the curls are left undone and curled to achieve volume. Boho Braids usually have a more casual look because the curls are not uniform.
We recommend using human hair shades that complement your skin tone for that "wow" effect.

  Bohemian Braids

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5. Half-Braids

Half-up Ghana braids have been around for a while, yet they are beautiful hairstyles you can rock with either wavy or curly human hair. Usually, your hair is braided until the mid-section, and then the human hair is allowed to flow for the rest of the hair, as seen in the picture. 
This is a perfect hairstyle because it can be let loose (as the model has done in the picture) or styled in a bun. You can use a blow-out kinky human hair to achieve this look flawlessly.
You can take it up a notch with beads or even a hint of color.


Photo credit: hardviser

Half-Braids with natural hair

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6. Braided Ponytail

Something is enchanting about ponytails; it gives you this simple yet sleek appearance. We recommend long-length ponytails; they look chic.

Unlike other braided hairstyles, the braided ponytail requires little to no styling; if you're tired of the length, all you have to do is put it in a bun, and you're good to go.

Braided Ponytail

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7. Cornrows

Beautiful timeless cornrows are a classy choice for this summer's braided hairstyles with human hair. Cornrows are easy to install and take down, not to mention they are great protective styles. You can wear your cornrows as micro or chunky braids. 

If you'd like to spice up your cornrows, you can use colored human hair, add beads or other hair accessories.


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Cornrows for Protective Hairstyle
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8. Afro Updo with Braids

The Afro Updo braid is a beautiful Afro hairstyle with a twist. With this hairstyle, part of your hair is made into cornrows and the rest is left undone in afro. The Afro Updo is a versatile hairstyle, as it can be curly and short, like the picture or wavy and long with sleek sides, like the picture.

  Afro Updo with Braids

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 Ponytail with braids

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9. Beaded Bob Braids

Short hairstyle lovers are definitely not excluded this summer. If you aren't fascinated by the thought of having long tresses, then the beaded Bob braids are one style you can rock this summer. Also, the beaded Bob braid is your best bet if you want to upgrade your cornrows. 

Beaded Bob Braids

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10. Sleek Ponytail Cornrows

Our final hairstyle on the list is the cornrow and ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle is fire. It takes the class of cornrows and mixes it with the beauty of a sleek human hair ponytail to create perfection. You can't say no to this luscious and sleek Ponytail hairstyle in cornrows. Absolutely gorgeous!

 Sleek Ponytail Cornrows

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Before now, synthetic hair extensions were the go-to extensions to make these braids. They were pretty, of course, and still are, but now we level up the braiding game by infusing human hair into braid hairstyles.  

This summer, combine the beauty of the weather with the glamour that human hair braid styles give.


We hope these 10 human hair braided hairstyles inspire you to embrace the beauty and versatility of braids this summer. Have you tried any of these styles or do you have your own favorite braided look? We would love to hear about your experiences and see photos of your stunning summer braids! Share your thoughts and let us know which hairstyle you're excited to try in the comments below.