How to Install a Full Head of Hair Extensions

      Hey people's, what we're going to do today is we're going to demonstrate the proper application of a full head of extensions, you'll find out how to do the proper sectioning and it's basically simple, it's in the middle and then you have your one in the back. 

      You have two sides and your one in the back, so you're going to start at the very bottom, always let gravity work in your favor, don't have to worry about holding up all that air, so what you always want to keep in mind is you're going to keep a perimeter section around the hairline extension free, so that way, these are individual extensions, you want to be able to let your client pull her hair up in a ponytail or whatnot maybe even an updo without having these extensions visible, go ahead and grab our section of hair and knock these out really quick, we do one at a time, and member we keep a perimeter section around the entire hairline extension free, some of your clients you're going to find are really really fine in this area, no worries what we' need to do is we need to space them out even further, you can always keep in mind maybe either a half an inch to a two inch perimeter section around the entire head extension free, with the right here, to demonstrate if your client had fine to medium hair, we need to do every other strand, we need to grab a section of hair weave on that micro bead, get that hair through that loop make sure it stays there. What we're going to do is get all these little baby hairs out of the way and just insert it like so clipping it flat. And we're just going to knock those out back-to-back-to-back, grab our section of hair pulling it through the loop. We grab our section hair weave on that micro bead, insert our extension and crimp it down flap with the having it flush with the top part of the extension. Now this is I'm going to demonstrate a few things here, once we finish up this row and I want to talk about a few things here, basically once again this is going to be for fine to medium, we cannot stress that enough. The reason why skipping the space is because if we did every single strand in that individual row, her hair would look too full and unbalanced, so remember, fine to medium hair up on top requires that you're going to skip a space between every extension itself. We want to make sure we have an even balance all the way through.

       Then we are going to do is taking next section, if you have fine to medium hair, it's simple, the fact of the matter is that we did a brick laying pattern, so what you want to do is you want to fill in that gap where you skip the space, because if you skip a section too high and you start going with a same method what you're blending and layering it, you're going to leave gaps in there we want to tell that you can keep it full and consistent from root to end. This is going to be for fine to medium hair, because imagine if you had some thick hair, you skipped every other strand, it would look so straggling on your ends, and we always want to promote natural beautiful look. So with this installed in between where we skip the place on the bottom row it fills in. Going to go underneath pinch that hair pull it through that loop and just weep on that micro bead, grabbing your extension inserting into the micro bead and just crimping it flat.

      Ensure there's going to be fullness as you're blending, what you're going to do is you just going to continue the same pattern, the same method back to back to back, but you're not going to go back to back with the extensions itself, you're going to keep the same concept, you're going to kind of do a brick laying pattern that's going to be for fine to medium hair. If you had really thick medium to thick hair, we are going to do the same concept, however we are going to be going every extension and every single strand in that row, we can do the same amount of rows, the right back to back to back up on top, but we want to make sure they're going to be right next to each other. What I mean by that is where we skip the space we're going to pretend that you has full hair of thick just beautiful words are up on top, but you wants length, so what we are going to do is on every single row to make sure you leave a perimeter section extension free. So grab your hair pinch it pull it through, and weave on that micro beard and insert it into the micro beading and crimping it flat. They're so amazing!

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