Single And Two Sided Tape for Hair Extensions

Tape-In hair extensions work great for women trying to add volume and length to their hair. They also work for various types of hair- especially fine hair. With Tape-In extensions, you have more options for how to apply them, and how much weight will be applied to the clients' hair with single sided tape or two sided tape.

If you notice that your client’s hair is fine and may not be able to handle the weight of traditional tape-in hair extensions, then the best option is to use a single sided tape application. When it comes to clients with thicker hair, we recommend using the traditional tape-in hair extension technique. Thick hair is higher density and you want to match that density when adding extensions. Although, when adding highlights or crazy colors, single side tape can be used to create a softer blend.

If your client has fine hair, single sided tape application is best because it allows for one piece of hair to be added rather than two pieces. This method is used by replacing the bottom tape-in hair extension weft with a piece of single sided tape. This way, the weight of the hair is halved, making it lighter on the clients' scalp and natural hair. Since their hair is thin, the single sided tape will give your clients' hair a natural look. Due to the large amount of clients' with thin, or thinning hair, you should see your clientele expand greatly!

Now, you can start preparing your hair for Black Friday and make your hair shine that day! If you haven't tried tape in hair extensions yet, I recommend it. It's easy to install, safe and practical!



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