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The cheap celebrity lace front wigs was beautiful (lace was rough and short) am 5"3 and it reached the top of my butt... Only one problem... I thought the wig would fit any race but it clearly didn't am latina and when I put it on it clearly was not right... The quality was great for just 30 something dollars.... It's just not good for any other race than african americans.One of the best, most natural African'American looking cheap full lace wigs I have ever worn. I have received so many compliments. Super long, jet black... Definitely a great choice!Amazing, definitely resembles natural hair just ordered me another one. Super soft, no tangling or shedding.This cheap celebrity lace front wigs was beautiful! It's really long but I love the texture and color. I got many compliments on this!It gets tangled, but what long haired wig doesn't! It's a great piece! I may get it in a different color!Great wig i have two but i wish the seller would at least show you what color your buying cuz numbers dont tell buyers anything.I live this cheap celebrity human hair wigs! It made it to my front door right on time. I'll definitely order this again!the hair is just like the picture and it is so full it looks like human hair it is great.Great wig. It is soft and looks natural.

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