Clip-in hair extensions are one of those trends that seems too difficult to master at home, but when you get the hang of it, the effects can be transformative—how else can you achieve body, volume, and length in the space of a few minutes? Clip-in hair extensions can add instant volume and length in a snap. These clips allow for easy placement and a seamless blend. Depending on your styling needs, you can choose a clip-in hair extension that’s perfect for your texture and personal style.

But with so many factors to consider—color, length, material, weft, and more—we know that finding the best set is a tricky task. The key to a seamless clip in hair extension comes down to hair quality, the color, and the length. But when you can accomplish all three, clip-in extensions can be such an easy way to create volume, fullness, length.

There are two styles of our clip in hair extensions: they are 7-piece clip in set and 5-piece clip in set. And there are different texture of it, such as Kinky Straight, Light Yaki, Kinky Curly, Body Wave etc.


Our 7-piece clip in set is made of various size wefts. The set comes with four 2-clip pieces, two 3-clip piece and one 4-clip piece and is made of 100% human hair. Our 5-piece clip in set comes with two 2-clip pieces, one 3-clip piece, one 4-clip piece and one 5-clip piece and is made of 100% human hair.



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