How to Style Tape-ins Into High Ponytail

Hey, girlies. I'm here with my first tape in install ever. Thanks to Ywigs they've sent me three bundles of 24 inch yaki straight tape ins natural color.

This hair is super super soft you guys I love it. I'm so excited to show you guys how I installed this today.


This is the area where all the tape ins are going to be placed.

How do I install tape ins?

We are basically trying to remove the white piece.

Here's one piece and now you're going to actually have to get your second piece prepared. 

I take a piece out with my finger and I don't think it has to be like super perfect. If you also want to do it by yourself so please take a smaller section because it is too big to work with because you do have to sandwich these pieces together. So your hair is in between both of these little tape ends, so you want to sandwich them together and if you have too much hair the adhesive on the tape ends won't be able to get through to the other half and it won't be able to stick together. So working with small sections will actually make your life so much easier. And then repeat this process.

Attached is the whole process of my installation.


 Ok, let's see the final effect.

This is what it looks like up in a high ponytail.

 If you like this tape ins hair extension, click the link below which is same product at ywigs store.

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