Q.What are Lace Front Wig and Full Lace Wig?

A: “Lace Front Wig" or ” Front Lace Wig” - only has lace in the front of the wig and the remainder of the wig is made from a regular netted wig cap or other materials such as thin-skin. You are unable to wear a front lace wig in high up dos or ponytails.

"Full Lace Wigs" - are lace wigs which are designed with the entire wig cap being made from lace as well as lace all around the perimeter of the wig. Full lace wigs allow you to wear your hair in high up dos and ponytails. Upon applying & adhering the lace wig, a flawless, natural and undetectable hairline is created.

“360 lace wigs” - are lace wigs which are pre-sewn with a 360 lace frontal & wefted bundles in the crown made into a wig. It comes with wider parting space (4” parting room in front and 2” at back). It has the versatility of a full lace wig at an affordable price. You can wear your hair in high pony-tail or updos.

 Q:How long does it last?

A: This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it for it to last longer.

Q:What’s your Natural Color? Is that similar to color #1B?
A: No, all the Natural Color hair is from one donor, they are in their natural state. Different donor have different hair color so the natural color is vary from color #1b to color #2.(Dark Brown to Brown)

Q: Is wig/closure bleached knots ?

A: We do not suggest bleach all the knots because the chemical will make the knots loose and damage the hair then the hair will be easy shedding and broken.

Q.Does your wig have Baby Hair around the perimeter?

A: Yes, all of our wigs have baby hair.

Q: What dose “Free Part”mean?

A: Free Part means the wig/closure has not been parted and you can part your hair anywhere by yourself.

 Q:What is Yaki Texture and what is the difference between Yaki and Silky?

A: Yaki texture is processed from silky texture .The process make hairs feel coarser than normal silky texture hair, but still look straight .Yaki texture is close to the relaxed hair texture of black women.


Q: How to tell human hair with synthetic hair?

A: Human hair has natural protein, it is easy to tell by burning and smelling, human hair will be ash, which will go away after pinching, human hair will smell foul when burning, the human hair will show white smoke.

While synthetic hair will be a sticky ball after burning and will show black smoke, moreover, human hair may be have a few gray hair and split end, it is normal and not a quality problem.

Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

 Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Q.Can I dye or bleach my hair?

A: Only the Natural Color and #613 Virgin hair can be dyed or bleached. Any chemical processes should be done by a professional or at least consulted by one. This purchase is an investment for you and chemically altering the hair can possibly damage it. Although our virgin hair can handle a coloring process very well, please be cautious. Once the hair is chemically-altered incorrectly, the cuticle can become damaged and overexposed, causing fraying, breakage, dryness, and tangling. This in turn will affect the overall look and feel of your hair. Chemical damage has no reverse button, and we will not be held liable for any damages.


Q: Can I restyle the wig?

A: For wavy or curly hairs, these lace wigs have been already processed by a perm for wave or curl. So, it is not recommended to hot curl or flat iron the lace wigs again to avoid any over processing. 
For straight hairs, Yaki perm straight and light Yak hair, you can use hot curling or flat ironing, because these hairs are naturally curly or wavy. 


Q: Will the wave and curl pattern return after I straighten the hair?

A: Yes, the wave and curl pattern will return after you straightened or curled the hair without any chemical, but the curl will become a little looser than its original status. (the curl pattern will not hold if you used chemical)


Q: Does the straight hair wave up when being wet?

A: If it is silky straight, our answer is "Yes, it does". But after it is dry, the silky straight style will be back. The Yaki Perm Straight and Light Yaki textures do not wave up when wet. 


Q: Why are my hair getting tangled?

A: Your hair can tangle due to dryness, oil & dirt build-up, salt water, chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily. Make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. Use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for more help.


Q: Do you guarantee delivery time?

 A: Because the carrier handles your shipment, we cannot guarantee the exact time of delivery. However, we will give you an idea of when the package will arrive. We suggest you to make orders three weeks in advance thus you will have sufficient time for processing and shipping