Crochet Braids & Locs


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    Crochet braids and loc extensions are both methods of adding hair extensions, but they differ in their installation process, appearance, and maintenance requirements.

    Crochet braids can be straight or curly and not necessarily braids. They are ideal for DIY enthusiasts as they are relatively easy to install if you know how to cornrow. They are also generally more affordable than other hair extension methods
    Loc Extensions

    Loc extensions, on the other hand, are permanent hair extensions that are made with real human hair. They are installed by twisting or braiding the real hair and then wrapping additional hair around the shaft of the braid. This wrapping technique creates the "loc" appearance on each section of hair.

    Loc extensions can be an option for those who have started with the early phases of locs but want additional length. However, they require more maintenance and focus on the scalp and roots to prevent hair breakage due to the added weight.

    In conclusion, the choice between crochet braids and loc extensions depends on your personal preference, lifestyle, and hair care routine. Crochet braids are a more temporary and affordable solution, while loc extensions offer a more permanent and natural-looking option.

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