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Hey, dolls. Today I'm installing some Micro Loop I-TIP Hair Extensions for the first time. So Ywigs sent me three bundles of their kinky straight 18 inches Human Hair. 

Micro Loop I-TIP Hair Extensions installation
These white micro loops are genius

I feel like it will blend with so many textures once it's flowed out okay. So my client's hair is not completely natural. She does perm herhair, but she doesn't do it where it's super-duper straight. So this doesblend pretty well with her hair, even though she is not natural anymore.


If you've ever seen micro loop hair extensions installed, it's a tedious process, so Y wigs make it so much easier to install these micro loop hair extensions because they give you the tool that you need to make it easier.

Ywigs micro loop i-tips hair extensions installation

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

What I did do wrong?

I should have left out way more hair when you're doing sew-ins. For micro loop I-Tip hair extensions, It would cover the entire head, nonetheless, the installation came out very well.

My recommendations are to leave out a little bit more hair than I did so that it covers a little bit better. However, I am very proud of my first installation so please watch the video till the end, because like I said I'm teaching I'm learning.

Watch The Full Video of  My Micro Loop Hair Extensions Installation.


Let's get to the installation. Parts Smile.

For this  micro loop I-Tip hair extensions installation, you want to go in a smiling direction and you want to kind of make the parts smile because if you have too much hair going through that loop, it will not fit in what you guys are going to see soon.

 micro loop I-Tip hair extensions installation

So always part in a smile from ear to ear, you want to go like uh what do you call that concave type or smile okay you guys get it.


My advice for i-tips micro loop extensions hair is to never put it too close to the scalp because it will hurt your client when they try to pull it up.

Remember you're clamping it onto her natural hair so any little strand that is clamped on too tight or it's too close to the scalp, it's going to hurt.

i-tips micro loop extensions hair

If you like the micro loop extension hair, click the link below which is same product at ywigs store.



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