Difference? Advantages? To PU Clip-In Hair Extensions

Now the market clip-in hair extensions can be roughly divided into two types, PU clip-in hair extensions and classic lace weft clip-in hair extensions. Both types of clip-in hair extensions have their advantages and disadvantages, nowadays PU clip-in trend is better and more popular, so let's look at the difference between the two and the advantages of PU clip-in hair extensions.

What is PU clip-in hair extension?

PU hair extensions, also known as polyurethane clip-ins, it is made from polyurethane, which is a plastic material that is strong, lightweight, and very flexible.

What’s difference between PU clip-in and classic lace weft clip-in?

 As we all know on the market PU clip-ins are made of a synthetic polymer called polyurethane, which is known for its durability and resistance to heat and water. PU clip-in's clip is smaller, better hiding, and therefore better fit with the hair.

 Another major difference between the two types of hair extensions is the way they're installed. PU clip-ins are attached to the natural hair by small, clip-like devices, while classic lace weft clip-ins are attached using small, individual clips. This means that PU clip-ins can be applied and removed more easily, making them a more convenient option for those looking for hair extensions they can style or remove on their own.

What’s advantages of PU clip-in?

One of the main advantages of PU clip ins is their durability. PU clip is extremely strong, making it less likely to tear or damage than other types of hair. This is a great option for those who are looking for an option that can withstand daily wear and tear without the need for constant maintenance or replacement. Additionally, PU clip-in has the ability to hold a curl or style for longer periods of time, which can be a huge advantage for those who want to change up their look frequently.

Another greatest benefits of PU clip-ins is their realistic appearance. Because they're made with high-quality materials, they blend seamlessly with natural hair, making it difficult for others to tell the difference. This is perfect for those looking to enhance their appearance without drawing excessive attention to themselves.

The third unique selling point of PU clip in hair extensions is their affordability. While they may initially cost more upfront than classic lace clip ins, they are much more cost-effective in the long run as they last longer and require less frequent replacement. This can be a great option for those on a budget who are looking for a high-quality solution that will provide long-lasting results.

In terms of appearance, both Ywigs PU clip-ins and classic lace weft clip-ins can be styled to look very realistic. However, one of the key advantages of PU clip-ins is their lightweight and moisture-resistant nature, which makes them extremely versatile and comfortable to wear. Classic lace weft clip-ins, on the other hand, may require more maintenance to keep them looking natural and may be less comfortable to wear in certain environments.

In conclusion, Ywigs PU clip-ins are a smart and affordable choice for those who want to enhance their hair without breaking the bank. With their versatility, realistic appearance, and durability, PU clip-ins offer many advantages over other types of hair extensions on the market. They're the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade their hair without the hassle of regular maintenance or the high cost of classic lace clip-in hair extensions.


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