Can you install tape ins when you are only at home?? The answer is yes, and it is so easy. Let's take a look at how a person install the tape ins.
tape adhesion, so make sure please guarantee you that Ywigs definitely has good tape in extensions when it comes to the glue". From the video you guys can see that her natural hair is not in the best condition.
If you think the hair texture does not match your natural hair, just straightened it, and then it will blend a lot better. 
          When you install it, not to put tape ins close to your scalp. And if somebody is placing the tape ins that close to your scalp, once they raise that to put it in a ponytail, you're going to feel it that tape is going to pull from the bottom, and it's going to feel like your hair is being ripped out strand by strand which is not enjoyable in the least, so make sure again that you're not putting it super close to the root of your hair. 
texture match or kind of match or sort of match of how it looked, it does flow well, it moves well. This was about 74 so her hair looks more weighted than it does long.
           These tape in hair extensions have to be blended in with your natural hair, so you need to do is go ahead and start cutting some sort of layers into this hair and going ahead and curling it if you feel like it was going to give your hair that much more body and that much more life. So when you are cutting the tape ends, of course, if your hair is longer you want to be more careful, just making sure that you're not actually cutting your natural hair, because once you take the tape ins out baby that's it it's no reversible that's it the cut is there.
literally however you want it, of course, you can also wore it down overboard in a ponytail and it still looked very cute.
all right girlie so some maintenance tips when dealing with these tape ends, be sure to not run the heat through your hair every single day, it's just not smart it's just not logical especially, if we are all trying to keep up with healthy hair however. when you do wear these in a ponytail that you're not just leaving them in a ponytail all day, because they can get matted, your hair will kind of start forming in that position, if you just leave your clip your tape ends that way. 
Did you learn these tips?
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