Hey, girls, today we're talking about the I- link extensions the tape and extensions and the k-link extensions, which is also known as the fusion method. Now we're going to first talk about the I-link extensions. 

The I-link extensions are amazing, they're an individual concept where you take a micro bead and all you do is weave it onto your hair, you're going to take this extension insert it into that micro bead and clip it down super flat, the flatter the better. 

This extension is going to last in your hair two to three months at a time. The great thing about that it's also reusable, so this method is ideal for somebody with medium to thicker hair textures. For the simple fact that if you put this on with somebody with fine hair or scalp visibility, you're going to have these extensions exposed, and remember the best extensions are the ones that you cannot tell are extensions. 

The next method we're going to be talking about is a k-link extension, this too is an individual strand. The k-link bond is melted and infused into your hair, so that way it will last you anywhere from three to four months at a time. This bond can be cut down and customized to fit any one of your hair textures, so whether they have thick medium or fine hair you got them covered. 

Finally we have our tape and extensions,with this method you have a polyurethane template that has the hair stitched onto it, on the back side of this is a medical grade adhesive, and the way this works is you combine or Sandwich, the two together to make one combo weft, so basically your hair in the middle sandwiching, those two by the combo wefts. If your hair with fine hair the tape ins can be a great solution for them as well. 

So you're still going to put an extension weft on top, but instead of another piece on the bottom, you're going to flip that over and put a single sided tape that's not going to have any hair attached to it, so it's just the backing to attach to the top weft. This works out amazing for fine haired people. Either option whether it be for medium to thick hair or the fine hair option, this will last them anywhere from one to two months, it works out great, the tape and extensions are also reusable.

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