Care For Microlinks Hair Extension


How do you care for micro-link extensions?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind with microlinks hair extensions. Though they are a great way to change up your look, please note they absolutely do not count as a low-maintenance protective style. It is a style that is going to require you to take care of your natural hair outside of the salon. But that doesn't mean the upkeep is excessively arduous. It just requires actual care — you have to be diligent about maintenance in between touch-ups, which can be done at a salon or at home. 

For straight and wavy textures, recommends brushing twice every day to minimize tangles and monster snarls. With any type of hair, the more you don't brush it or detangle it throughout the day, the worse it gets. You probably don't want to run a brush through curly or kinky textures especially without any product, but suggests using a spray bottle to spritz the hair with water and separating the curls by hand to make sure they maintain their form.

As for shampooing, a large focus of the routine is making sure you don't tangle your hair during the washing phase.Recommends sectioning your hair into four and working the shampoo in each section. Against using circular motions to massage the scalp as that can mess up the i-tips and make detagling much more difficult. Instead, scrub the scalp horizontally to make sure you're eliminating product buildup and work the shampoo onto the hair extension in an up-and-down motion. The same goes for conditioning: section off the hair, add the product, rinse, and repeat.

How often do you need to get micro-links reinstalled?

The frequency of your touch-ups or timing of your reinstallation can vary. Every four to six weeks, but ultimately it's up to you. If a deeper treatment is necessary or you are seeking a relaxer touch-up or color change, then the style will need to be taken down and completely reinstalled. 

With the right hair, you can reuse your extensions for up to a year or even three, especially with straighter or wavier textures. Unfortunately, the curly and kinky textures can have a shorter lifespan — some of the extensions are permed by the manufacturer so the curls and coils can fall out quicker. Recommends switching those out at around the six-month mark. After six months, recommends new hair because by then the extension may not be usable.

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