Removable Side Swept Quick Weave

Just to be sure we are on the same page, let's look at what quick weaves are, their benefits and downsides. Then, we will talk about our removable side swept weaves.

A quick weave is a technique used for attaching weft or extensions to a wig cap or weave. Glue or adhesive is use for the attachment, in such a way that you can wear and remove it from your head.

It offers you the freedom to use any length, style and color of extensions whether long, short, waves, curls etc. So, the result is unique depending on personal preference and choice.

But it does require skills for better outcome. As such, you may not get the satisfaction you desire due to poor skill or error from your stylist or doing it yourself.

Whereas, the challenge of hair loss and damage from attaching the weft limits the use of quick weaves for some persons.

But no more because your hair and scalp will not come in contact with glue. Since we don't use glue for installation of extensions.

Our removable side swept quick weaves are easy and fast to wear and manipulate to give you your desired outlook.

And you don't need any skill to look elegant, sassy and smart with it.

The clips that come with our quick weaves are all you need to attach it to your head.

The clips are not visible while holding the quick weaves perfectly in place. You can be certain that the clips are well suited with no pain nor itching.

Is Quick Weave Suitable For All Women?

It is suitable for all women although, much more for the black woman. Because of her hair type which is thin and weak unlike that of the white woman.

The hot environment in which the black woman lives is another reason quick weaves are suitable for her.

More so, black women are out going, fun-loving, and enjoy the moments while they last. As such, they most times dress to suit these moments and events as the case may be.

So, quick weave helps black women look good and appear unique with different hairstyles for different events.

Most black women appreciate quick weave as they look good without so much stress while saving money and time.

And it is their favorite as they can get what they want even with DIY.

Why Choose Our Removable Side Swept Quick Weaves?

  1. It is affordable, durable, safe, easy to wear and remove.
  2. It is easy to manipulate to get a variety of styles depending on your occasion, outfit and desire.
  3. It is more free and comfortable compared to other styles
  4. It brings out your face and makes you look elegant, smart or sassy as you may want to call it. The short side swept quick weaves especially.
  5. Short side swept weaves are convenient and comfortable irrespective of the weather, your kind of job and even your nature.
  6. No hair damage nor loss due to installation of extensions with glue.

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