Black Hair Idea For Festivals | Coachella Style That You Must Try!

The festival season has arrived. First up will be one of the most well-known music festivals, Coachella. If you're going to Coachella, the iconic fashion and beauty festival, you're obviously wondering about what you're going to wear. To put it another way, avoid looking like a Coachella cliché at all costs. Here is the quick list of black hair festival ideas. You'll find a variety of trendy spring/summer hairstyles for Coachella and beyond! 

1. Classic Never Goes Out Of Style - Braid

Braids are a favored hairstyle, particularly among black women, for events like Coachella and other music festivals. They are ideal for the hot wather in Southern California as they shield your natural hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Furthermore, braids can be customized to suit your outfit and personality by selecting various braid patterns and styling them in distinct ways, like top knots and buns. Additionally, they are camera-friendly and make you stand out in a sea of people!

If you're concerned about the health of your natural hair or have a sensitive scalp, this full lace wig designed for braiding could be a lifesaver! This revolutionary hair system allows you to effortlessly achieve the braided hairstyles you adore without spending hours in a salon. The HD full lace seamlessly blends with your skin, making it almost impossible for anyone to tell that you're not braiding your real hair.

Tutorial for braiding on full lace wig 

2. Enhance Natural Beauty - Natural Texture Hair Extensions

There are quite a large range for hair extensions in trend,choose the right extensions that fulfil your needs by knowing the way on how they installed and your DIY skills. Here are a list for the trendy extensions and the style you can get.


Tape ins

One of the most convenient extensions, it uses a special adhesive to attach the extensions to your natural hair. It comes with large variety of texture to match type 3 and type 4 hair, you can always find your natural texture with tape ins. It’s one of the flattest extensions in the market which can blend with your natural hair seamlessly. The install process is quite easy, you can do it yourself or with a friends help! Tape ins are versatile as they allow you to achieve volume and length at the same time, and you can also style it into a high ponytail and half up half down.

DIY your tape in hair extensions AT HOME

If you want to avoid the damage caused by adhesive, but yet still want to enhance your natural beauty with durable and low maintenance natural texture extensions. Microlinks will be your best option; they can last up to 6–8 weeks per install and can be reused for 2–3 installs, making them cost-effective . There are a few types of microlinks in which you might be interested:

- Pre-looped microlinks

Microlink extensions are individual strands of hair installed with a small looping tool to securely and permanently attach to your natural hair. Unlike the normal i-tip extensions, the pre-looped microlinks are pre-attached with loops and beads which cuts half the install time for you. This type of extension is No adhesive involved, which means it would not cause any damage to your natural hair. In fact, they can help with your hair growth, as by adding length and volume with the beads, they create a strong bond between the extension and your natural hair, ensuring that the extension stays in place while allowing your natural hair to move, grow, and breathe. 

However, it will be slightly difficult for installation process compare to tape ins, but these microlinks are more invisible because of the beads are so small that it blend into the hair so well. They can achieve more styles than tape ins, besides high ponytail and half up half down, microlinks can be styled into braids and claw clips.

Tutorial video for Itip microlinks
 - Pre-looped weft microlinks

Unlike i-tip microlinks, this is a weft extensions which means it gives more volume and easier to install compare to single strand i-tip microlinks. Similar to i-tips, they are no adhesive involved while install and they help your hair growth by protecting your natural hair as well. Moreover, it cuts a lot of time by adding weft of extensions to your natural hair, you can install by yourself effortlessly.

Tutorial video for weft microlinks

3. One Day A Look - Clip In Hair Extensions

We believe you are ready be familiar with clip ins, they are easy to work with, and you can take on & off effortlessly. It’s the best options for people who likes instant look.If you think clip ins are not seamless and blend naturally, then you might want to check this PU weft clip ins, they are designed to be more invisible with a new technique on weft, they use a PU weft like tape ins, which makes them more seamless than other clip ins. Definitely going to be a new trend, you can’t even tell they are not your own hair after installed.

Ultimate guide on how to style your clip in

4. Never Out Of Date - Straight and Wavy Wigs

These two classic styles have always been a popular choice for their versatility. And, if you're feeling extra daring or simply want to switch up your look, wigs are a great option too. So, why not give these timeless hairstyles a try and see which one works best for you?

5. Sleek Ponytail

Looking for a stylish hairdo that's perfect for any season, even for festivals like Coachella? Look no further than the sleek ponytail! This classic style is always on-trend and can effortlessly elevate your entire outfit. Pair it with a flowy dress or bohemian trousers and you'll ooze sophistication and chicness.

6. Stand out - Faux Highlight

Are you feeling a bit bored with your current hair color but not ready to dye your natural hair? Then, it's time to discover: colored tape ins! These versatile and easy-to-use tape-ins are available in a range of gorgeous shades, from platinum blonde to ombre honey brown. You can easily switch up your style without the commitment of traditional hair dye. So, whether you're headed to Coachella or just want to make a statement, colored tape-ins are the perfect way to add some fun and excitement to your hair and elevate your look to the next level!

Here are more videos:

There are still many hairstyles you can rock on Coachella and festivals, the main point is match your outfits and attitudes. Eventually, confidence is the most important thing that makes you beautiful, no matter what you’re wearing. Leave comment if you have more hairstyles in mind that you like to sharing with others! We love to hear more from you!

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