The Advantage of Tight Faux Locs Over Loose Faux Locs

Faux locs, also known as crochet locs, have been gaining popularity among individuals seeking a protective hairstyle that resembles real locs. While both tight and loose faux locs have their own set of pros and cons, this article focuses on the advantages of opting for tighter (thinner) faux locs over looser (thicker) faux locs.

Longer Lasting

Tighter faux locs tend to last longer than looser ones due to their structure. When the locs are tightly packed together, they form a stronger bond with your natural hair, reducing the likelihood of shedding or tangling. As a result, you can enjoy your faux locs for a more extended period before needing a touch-up or replacement.

More Secure Installation

A tighter install provides better security for your faux locs. When the locs are closely knitted together, they create a more stable foundation, preventing them from slipping or coming undone during daily activities. This ensures that your faux locs stay in place throughout the day, even when engaging in physical activities or sleeping.

Reduced Damage

Tighter faux locs cause less damage to your natural hair compared to looser ones. When the locs are installed close together, they apply less tension on your scalp and hair strands, minimizing the risk of breakage or pulling. This results in healthier-looking hair after removing the faux locs.

Enhanced Style Customization

Opting for tighter faux locs gives you more flexibility in terms of styling options. Since the locs are closer together, you can easily twist, braid, or manipulate them to create various looks. This allows you to switch between different styles without having to completely remove and reinstall your faux locs.

Better Suitability for Fine Hair

For individuals with fine hair, tighter faux locs are often recommended. Finer hair tends to get lost within larger locs, making it difficult to see the individual strands. By using smaller, tighter locs, you can ensure that every strand of your hair is visible and accounted for, creating a fuller appearance.

In conclusion, tighter faux locs offer numerous advantages over looser faux locs. They provide a longer-lasting, more secure, and less damaging protective hairstyle that offers greater customization options and suits finer hair types. Consider these benefits when deciding whether to go for tighter or looser faux locs for your next protective hairstyle.


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