15 Easy Crochet Box Braids Black Girls Can Slay

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Crochet box braids have changed hair styling by making it faster and easier to get great braids without spending hours in a chair.
These braids are popular among Black girls because they are versatile and protect hair. In this guide, we'll explore the beauty of crochet box braids, how to install them, and show 15 easy and stylish looks.
Significance of Box Braids
Box Braisds
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Box braids are not just a hairstyle; they are a symbol of culture, beauty, and self-expression for Black girls everywhere. The intricate weaving of synthetic hair into natural hair creates a stunning and functional look. Box braids have been a part of African culture for a long time. They show things like social status, age, and community.
Popularity Among Black Girls
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Box braids are very popular now because they are shown in the media and worn by celebrities. Black girls like this trend for its beauty and because it is easy and protective. The crochet method makes it easy for anyone to get this look quickly.
Benefits of Crochet Box Braids
Bohomian Hippie Crochet Box Braids Curly Ends
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1. 1 Protective Style
One of the main benefits of crochet box braids is their ability to protect natural hair. By covering the natural hair, these braids shield it from environmental damage, reduce breakage, and promote growth. This protective style allows Black girls to enjoy the beauty of long braids without compromising the health of their natural hair.
1.2 Flexibility
Crochet box braids offer unmatched flexibility. They can be styled in numerous ways, from elegant updos to casual down styles. This flexibility makes them suitable for various occasions, whether it’s a formal event or a day at the beach. The ability to switch styles easily makes crochet braids a favorite among fashion-forward individuals.
1.3 Low Maintenance
For those leading busy lives, crochet box braids are a lifesaver. Once installed, they require minimal upkeep compared to other hairstyles. With proper care, they can last several weeks, allowing Black girls to enjoy beautiful hair without the daily hassle. This low maintenance aspect is particularly appealing to students, professionals, and busy moms.
3. Preparing Your Natural Hair
2.1 Washing and Conditioning
Before installing crochet box braids, it’s important to start with clean hair. Washing and conditioning your natural hair ensures that it is free from buildup and properly hydrated. This step is crucial for maintaining the health of your scalp and hair during the protective styling period.
2.2 Stretching Methods
Stretching your hair before braiding can help achieve a smoother finish and reduce tension. Using a low setting on a blow-dryer or banding the hair can stretch it out, making braiding easier.
2.3 Moisturizing
Keeping your hair moisturized is vital for preventing dryness and breakage. Using a leave-in conditioner or hair oil before braiding keeps your hair healthy under the extensions. Pay special attention to the ends of your hair, as they are the most prone to dryness.
How to Install Crochet Box Braids
1. Braiding Natural Hair
Begin by sectioning your hair into manageable parts. Cornrow the sections close to the scalp, ensuring they are neat and secure. The pattern of the cornrows can vary, but straight-back braids are a common and straightforward choice.
2. Installing the Extensions
Using a crochet needle, thread the synthetic hair through the cornrowed base. Hook the hair and pull it through, securing it tightly to the scalp. Repeat this process across all sections, ensuring the braids are evenly distributed.
3. Securing the Braids
Once all the extensions are in place, ensure they are securely attached. Check for any loose braids and re-tighten them if necessary. This step is crucial for preventing the braids from unraveling over time.
Styling Crochet Box Braids
  • Updos


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Updos are a chic and sophisticated way to style crochet box braids. They can range from simple buns to intricate braided designs. Updos are perfect for formal events or when you want to keep your hair out of your face.
  • Half-Up Half-Down

Half-Up Half-Down

The half-up half-down style is a trendy and versatile option. It allows you to showcase the length and beauty of your braids while keeping some hair off your face. This style is great for casual outings and everyday wear.
  • Ponytails


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Ponytails are a classic and easy way to style crochet box braids. They can be worn high, low, or to the side, offering a variety of looks. Adding accessories like scrunchies or hair ties can enhance the overall appearance.
Caring for Crochet Box Braids
  • Washing the Braids
Regular washing is essential to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Use a diluted shampoo solution and gently cleanse your scalp, avoiding excessive handling  of the braids. Rinse thoroughly and allow the braids to air dry.
  • Scalp Care
Maintaining scalp health is crucial for preventing issues like dandruff and itching. Use a light oil or scalp serum to keep your scalp moisturized. Massage the oil in gently to promote blood circulation and relieve any tension.
  • Night Routine
Establishing a night routine helps preserve the longevity of your braids. Cover your hair with a silk or satin bonnet to reduce friction and prevent frizz. You can also tie your braids into a loose bun or braid them together to avoid tangling.
Removing Crochet Box Braids
  • Cutting the Extensions
When it’s time to remove your crochet braids, start by cutting the extensions close to the base. Be careful not to cut your natural hair in the process. This step helps reduce the bulk and makes the unbraiding process easier.
  • Unbraiding Natural Hair
Gently unravel the cornrows to free your natural hair. Use a comb or your fingers to detangle any knots. Be patient and avoid pulling or tugging to prevent breakage.
  • Post-Removal Care
After removing the braids, wash and condition your hair thoroughly. Apply a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and strengthen your hair. This is also a good time to trim any split ends and give your hair a fresh start.
Top 15 Easy Crochet Box Braids Styles
1. Elegant Updo
Elegant Updo
An elegant updo is perfect for special occasions. Gather the braids into a high bun or a braided chignon for a sophisticated look. This style is both timeless and classy.
2. Side Part
Side Part
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A side part adds a touch of glamour to your crochet box braids. Sweep the braids to one side and secure them with a pin or clip for an uneven look. This style is great for highlighting facial features.
3. Bun with Baby Hairs
Bun with Baby Hairs
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Enhance your bun by styling your baby hairs. Use a small brush or toothbrush to shape the baby hairs around your hairline. This adds a polished and finished look to your hairstyle.
4. Space Buns
Space Buns
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Space buns are a fun and playful style. Divide your hair into two sections and create buns on each side. This look is perfect for festivals, parties, or casual days out.
5. High Ponytail
High Ponytail
A high ponytail is a simple yet stunning style. Gather all the braids at the crown of your head and secure them with a hair tie. This look is great for showcasing the length and texture of your braids.
6. Curly Ends
Curly Ends
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Adding curls to the ends of your braids gives them a unique and stylish twist. Use perm rods or flexi rods to curl the ends, and dip them in hot water to set the curls. This style adds volume and flair to your braids.
7. Bob Length
Bob Length
Bob length crochet braids are a chic and modern choice. Cut the braids to a bob length for a fresh and trendy look. This style is easy to manage and perfect for those who prefer shorter hair.
8. Highlighted Braids
Highlighted Braids
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Add some color to your braids with highlights. Choose a contrasting color to weave into the braids for a striking effect. This style allows for creativity and personalization.
9. Beaded Braids
Beaded Braids
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Accessorize your braids with beads for a cultural and fashionable touch. Thread beads onto the braids and secure them with small rubber bands. This style is both traditional and trendy.
10. Braids with a Scarf
Braids with a Scarf
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Incorporate a scarf into your braids for a stylish accessory. Wrap the scarf around the base of a ponytail or weave it through the braids. This adds a pop of color and texture to your look.
11. Wavy Braids
Wavy Braids
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Create wavy braids by using a wavy hair extension. This style adds a natural and relaxed vibe to your crochet braids. It's perfect for a beachy, bohemian look.
12. Ombre Braids
Ombre Braids
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Ombre braids offer a gradient color effect that is both modern and eye-catching. Choose a color that transitions from dark to light for a stylish and dynamic look.
13. Accessorized Braids
Accessorized Braids
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Add accessories like hair cuffs, rings, or shells to your braids for a unique and personalized touch. These small details can elevate your hairstyle and make it stand out.
14. Crochet Locs
Crochet Locs
Crochet locs are a stylish alternative to traditional box braids. They offer a textured and natural look that is perfect for those seeking a change. This style is both versatile and durable.
15. Bohemian Style
Bohemian Style
Embrace a bohemian style with free-flowing, textured braids. Add elements like feathers, beads, or colorful strings for a whimsical and creative look. This style is perfect for those who love an eclectic and artistic vibe.
Embracing Crochet Box Braids
Crochet box braids are a fantastic option for Black girls seeking a stylish and protective hairstyle. They offer endless possibilities for customization and styling, allowing you to express your personality and creativity.
Final Tips for Success
When it comes to crochet box braids, preparation and care are key. Take the time to properly prepare your natural hair, choose high-quality materials, and follow a consistent care routine. With these tips, you'll be able to enjoy beautiful and healthy crochet box braids.
1. What are the best crochet braids for beginners?
Beginners may find jumbo box braids to be the easiest to install due to their larger size. They require fewer braids, making the installation process quicker and simpler.
2. How long do crochet box braids last?
Crochet box braids can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how well they are maintained. Regular care and gentle handling can extend their lifespan.
3. Can I wash my crochet box braids?
Yes, you can wash your crochet box braids. Use a diluted shampoo solution and focus on cleansing your scalp. Rinse thoroughly and allow the braids to air dry completely.
4. How do I maintain my crochet box braids?
Maintain your crochet box braids by keeping your scalp clean, moisturizing your hair regularly, and protecting the braids at night with a silk or satin bonnet.
5. Are crochet box braids damaging to natural hair?
When installed and cared for properly, crochet box braids are not damaging to natural hair. They can actually protect your hair from environmental damage and promote growth.