Type 4C Hair 101: Embrace Your Natural Crown and Reign Supreme

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Welcome to the ultimate Type 4C Hair 101 guide! Get ready to embrace your natural crown and reign supreme with your gorgeous coils. In this comprehensive blog post, we'll dive into the unique characteristics of Type 4C hair, share effective care routines, styling tips, and product recommendations. Whether you're a seasoned naturalista or new to the Type 4C hair community, this guide will empower you to celebrate your authentic self. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and beautiful hair. Get ready to unleash your inner queen and rock your Type 4C hair with confidence!

What's Type 4C Hair?

Type 4C hair is a force of nature, sporting coils that defy gravity and turn heads wherever they go. It's like having your very own crown of artful chaos! So, let's break it down and unravel the secrets of this magnificent hair type.

1. Definition:

Unlike other coily hair types, the key to identifying 4C hair is the lack of definition in its curl pattern. "4C hair is tightly coiled in its raw state and as it has no defined curl pattern—coils must be defined by styles such as twisting and braiding," Mensah tells Byrdie. "Type 4 hair is the most coily out of all the hair types," Sultan adds. What separates 4C hair from its fellow subtypes is its distinctive zig-zag pattern and spring factor, which is between eight to 16 inches.

2. Characteristics:

One of the most common attributes of 4C hair is shrinkage, which is when hair appears shorter than it actually is. "Many 4C naturals have 70% shrinkage or more. When the hair is maybe ten inches long, it gives the appearance of only about three inches unstretched," Mensah says.

When 4C hair shrinks, it's quite fragile and prone to breakage, which can lead to coils getting tangled. But although shrinkage can put 4C curls in a vulnerable position, it isn’t anything to be concerned about: It’s actually a sign that your curls are healthy and full of elasticity. "Regular moisture and protection is all you need to keep your coils in check," Sultan says.

3. 4C Hair vs. Other Hair Types:

4C hair has less curl definition compared to other hair types. "The strands are more fine and closely packed, which creates a dense afro look," Williams explains. Studying up on the typing system may be beneficial when differentiating between 4C hair and other hair types. "The letters in the hair typing system describe the size of the hair strand or the width of your curl pattern, so 4C hair has the smallest distance between the curls, making it the tightest curl pattern within the 4 category," Williams says.

While 4C hair has less curl definition, 3A hair has defined curls. "It is also thick in texture with a lot of shine and can be frizzy," Mensah says. Something to keep in mind about hair types is that it's possible to have more than one hair type or curl pattern. 3B hair may have a combination of textures in addition to tighter curls, and 3C hair is sometimes confused with 4A hair, even though the curls are slightly "more coiled and hold a tighter S-shaped curl," Mensah says. To distinguish the difference between 3C and 4A curls, Mensah recommends looking at how the hair grows and falls: "4A hair has an even voluminosity across the head and grows up and out. It also retains moisture well, but like most curly hair types, it can still be prone to dryness."

4B and 4C hair are quite similar in shape. "The only thing that changes between these two hair types is the density and coarseness," Mensah says. Like 4C hair, 4B hair has a less definitive curl pattern, but it looks more like a Z-shape because the hair bends at a sharp angle.

Embracing Your Natural Crown

It's time to claim your throne and embrace your natural crown with pride! Your Type 4C hair is a majestic force that deserves all the love, care, and laughter it can get. So, let's dive in and celebrate the beauty of your regal coils with a sprinkle of humor along the way.

1. Self-Love: The Ultimate Royal Treatment:

Embracing your natural crown starts with showering it with love. Treat your hair like royalty—give it the TLC it deserves. Pamper your coils with nourishing products fit for a queen. Remember, your hair deserves to be treated like the crown jewel it truly is!

2. Confidence Reigns Supreme:

Confidence is your secret weapon, my queen. Wear your Type 4C hair with pride and let it be a reflection of your unique beauty. Rock those coils like the crown jewels they are, and watch heads turn in admiration. Your confidence will radiate, and others will be captivated by the queenly aura you exude!

3. Laughter: The Best Hair Accessory:

Laughter is the crown jewel that adds sparkle to your hair journey. Embrace the ups and downs with a sense of humor. We all have those "bad hair days," but hey, it's just another opportunity for a good laugh! So, giggle at the unexpected tangles, rejoice in the shrinkage surprises, and remember that laughter is the best hair accessory you can wear.

4. Embracing Your Unique Style:

Your Type 4C hair is as unique as you are, my queen. Embrace your individuality and let your personal style shine through. Whether you prefer rocking fierce afros, intricate braids, or trendy protective styles, make it your own. Your natural crown is a canvas for self-expression, so let your creativity flow and slay the hair game with your distinct flair!

Embracing your natural crown is a journey filled with self-love, confidence, laughter, and self-expression. So, my queen, wear your Type 4C hair like the regal masterpiece it is, and let your inner beauty shine brightly for the world to see!

How To Care for Type 4C Hair?

Essential Care Routines for Type 4C Hair

Taking care of your Type 4C hair is like being a royal hairstylist with a dash of humor. It's all about nourishing those coils and giving them the VIP treatment they deserve. So, grab your hair styling cape and let's dive into the essential care routines fit for a hair queen!

1. Cleanse and Condition:

Start your care routine with a regal hair bath fit for a queen. Gently cleanse your locks with a moisturizing shampoo, treating your hair like the precious gem it is. Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment that will leave your coils feeling soft and luxurious, ready to rule the kingdom of fabulous hair!

2. Moisture Retention Magic:

Hydration is the holy grail for Type 4C hair. Keep those coils hydrated like they just won the lottery! Lock in moisture with a leave-in conditioner, sealing the goodness into your strands. Don't forget to treat your hair to a royal moisturizing session regularly, keeping dryness at bay and ensuring your crown always shines with brilliance.

3. Protective Styling:

Sometimes your coils need a break from the outside world, just like a queen taking refuge in her fortress. Embrace protective styling to shield your hair from potential damage and give it a chance to grow and thrive. From braids and twists to buns and updos, the options are endless. Embrace the versatility of protective styles while giving your hair the royal rest it deserves.

4. Trim Like a Queen:

Regular trims are like trimming the hedges in a royal garden. They help maintain healthy hair growth and keep split ends at bay. Schedule your regal trims every few months to keep your ends in check and ensure your crown always looks fresh and vibrant.

Remember, taking care of your Type 4C hair is an opportunity to pamper yourself like a queen. So, bring out your inner royal stylist, add a touch of humor to your routine, and make every hair care moment a delightful experience fit for a regal beauty like yourself!

Styling Tips and Techniques

Ready to rock your Type 4C hair with fierce style and a sprinkle of humor? Get your hairstyling tools ready because we're about to unveil some fabulous styling tips and techniques fit for a hair queen like yourself!

1. Twist Out, Turn Up:

Want defined and bouncy curls? Get ready for a twist out extravaganza! Section your hair, apply your favorite styling product, and twist those coils away. Let them marinate overnight or speed up the process with a hairdryer. When it's time to unravel those twists, get ready for the big reveal. It's like unwrapping a present, but the real gift is the amazing curls you'll unleash!

2. Puff Perfection:

Need a quick and stylish go-to look? Enter the glorious puff! Gather your hair at the crown and secure it with a hairband. Voila! Instant puff perfection. It's like the crown jewel of effortless style. Feel free to accessorize with a fancy headband or add a twist by teasing your hair for extra volume. Puff, puff, and slay all day!

3. Braid It, Babe:

Braids are like the fairy godmothers of hair styling—they transform your hair into a work of art! Whether you opt for classic cornrows, intricate Ghana braids, or sassy box braids, the possibilities are endless. Get your creative juices flowing, experiment with different braid patterns, and let your hair be the canvas for your unique braided masterpiece. You'll be the talk of the kingdom!

4. Updos for Days:

Updos are like the crowning glory of elegant style. From sleek buns to intricate updos adorned with accessories, there's an updo for every occasion. Channel your inner hair architect, pile those coils up high, and secure them with bobby pins like a boss. It's like building a hair castle fit for a queen, and you're the reigning monarch of fabulousness!

Remember, styling your Type 4C hair is an opportunity to let your creativity soar while adding a touch of humor to your hair game. So, go forth, experiment with different styles, and let your hair reign supreme with confidence and laughter!

Product Recommendations

Finding the perfect products for your Type 4C hair can feel like a quest of epic proportions. But fear not, dear queen, for we have gathered some holy grail recommendations that will make your hair care routine a delightful journey with a sprinkle of humor along the way!

1. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Style Milk:

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Style Milk

This style milk contains a healthy dose of organic shea butter that can rebalance overly treated hair and scalps that itch and flake from dryness.

2. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream:

Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

Get damaged hair under control with Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream. Made without harsh ingredients, Cantu for Natural Hair restores your real, authentic beauty, bringing out the best curly, kinky, or wavy hair. This richly-hydrating solution for dry hair and damaged hair defines, conditions and adds manageability without any harsh ingredients that can cause more damage.

3. NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil:

NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil

If you want to moisturize and seal your hair without it feeling weighed down, this fast-absorbing oil is the one for you. Ideal for fine strands, sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant1 to keep your hair (and your skin) healthy. Almond oil is especially useful for preventing split ends—score.

4. Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste:

Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste

This edge gel is a true favorite among the 4B / 4C community! Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste does exactly what it claims to do. And this gel is great for both your edges and your kitchen (aka the hair at the nape of the next).

Self-Care and Confidence Boosters

As a queen with Type 4C hair, self-care and confidence go hand in hand. It's time to pamper yourself and boost your regal confidence with a touch of humor. Let's dive into some self-care practices fit for a hair royalty like yourself!

1. Crown Affirmations:

Stand tall, my queen, and repeat after me: "I am a crown-wearing, coil-rocking goddess!" Embrace the power of positive affirmations and let them uplift your spirit. It's like having a royal mantra that reminds you of your worthiness and beauty. Your hair is your crown, and you wear it with pride!

2. Royal Spa Treatments:

Treat yourself like the queen you are with some luxurious spa sessions. Indulge in a hair mask fit for a regal beauty, letting it nourish and revitalize your coils. Pair it with a face mask, and you've got yourself a pampering extravaganza fit for a queen. Let the laughter flow as you enjoy your self-care spa day!

3. Dance Break, Your Majesty:

Shake off any worries and unleash your inner dancing queen! Crank up your favorite tunes, let your hair down, and have a dance party like no other. It's like a royal celebration of self-expression and joy. Feel the rhythm, let loose, and dance like nobody's watching—except maybe your loyal hairbrush microphone!

4. Queenly TLC:

Take a moment each day to show some love to your royal mane. Gently finger-detangle your hair, appreciating each coil's uniqueness. Massage your scalp like a queen being crowned, stimulating blood flow and promoting healthy hair growth. It's like giving your hair a royal spa treatment right at home. Self-care fit for a hair queen!

Remember, self-care is an essential ingredient in boosting your confidence and embracing your Type 4C hair with love and laughter. Treat yourself like the queen you are, my regal friend, and let your self-care routine be a delightful journey of self-love and humor!

There you have it, queens of Type 4C hair! You've journeyed through our guide, armed with knowledge and humor. Now, it's time to embrace your natural crown and conquer the world with confidence and a sprinkle of laughter. Let your Type 4C hair reign supreme, and remember, you're always one hair flip away from ruling the kingdom of fabulousness!


Share your Type 4C hair experiences, tips, and favorite products in the comments below. Let's create a community where we can uplift and inspire each other on our hair journeys. Your voice matters, so don't be shy – join the conversation and let's celebrate the beauty of Type 4C hair together!

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