Get the Perfect Look: Top 9 Clip-In Hair Extensions of 2023

Top 9 Clip-In Hair Extensions of 2023-Ywigs

Clip-in hair extensions have become popular due to their quick and easy application method, which adds length and volume to hair in minutes without the commitment and cost of permanent extensions. For a more natural and undetectable look, seamless clip-in extensions are important, as they blend in with the wearer's own hair easily.

We understand that choosing the right clip-ins is difficult, which is why we've put together a list of our top 9 most popular options based on customer feedback. Shop with confidence and transform your new look today!

01 Most popular for customers

Seamless PU Weft Clip-Ins Body Wave

Seamless PU Weft Clip In Hair Extensions Body Wave

Body wave hair is a popular hairstyle that women love for its voluminous, wavy texture. Ywigs' clip-in hair extensions with body wave texture can provide an easy way to add volume and length to your hair, helping you achieve your desired look in just minutes. Before getting a body wave perm or using extensions, it's important to prepare your hair properly. 

  • These clip ins are beyond amazing! They barely shed and are extremely comfortable! They lay super flat as well! Would recommend ans repurchase!
  •  Customized colors will cost too long time!

 02 Best Selling

Multi-Textured Kinky Curly 7 Piece Clip Ins


Seamless PU Weft Clip In Hair Extensions Kinky Curly Multi-Textured (2 sets for 14 pcs)

For curly hair(specifically 3C/4C ), Ywigs tight kinky curl clip-Ins are great. This hair set closely resembles natural hair each set comes with seven pieces to add volume and thickness to your natural style.
If you want your hair looks more puffy, you can choose 2 or 3 sets of clip-in hair weft extensions for yourself.

  • I love the hair it’s so soft I will be buying more
  • The best clip-in extensions I’ve had so far. Super soft minimal shedding and it blends perfectly with my hair.
  • Ywigs hair truly impressed me, it’s super soft and the texture match perfectly. I love the seamless flat lay it offers when installed. Best clip ever!! I will give an update!! No shedding, I colored it jet black and it still turned out amazing and kept its shape and softness!!
  • This was my first time using hair clips and I really like it considering that I have a Bald spot. Hair clips do a great job covering Bald spots in making your hair look fuller. I highly recommend it. In this order the hair was really thin and I really didn’t know that you can order fuller hair clips. I just recommend that you buy thicker hair clips. But overall I was pleased.
  • They are okay but you need 2 sets to get the thickness I wanted.

 03 Best Budget Hair Extensions

Classic Straight Hair Clip-Ins

Seamless PU Weft Clip In Hair Extensions Silky Straight (2 sets for 14 pcs)

Whether you want to add length or dramatic volume, our clip-in extensions will offer you the look you desire without damaging your natural hair. Get ready to make a statement with our beautiful clip-in straight hair extensions today!

  • Very full and nice. I have in 2 sets 22 inches. No smell. Very soft after wash
  • I absolutely love them and I ended up dyeing them jet black they came out so pretty!!
  • The hair is super soft & does not shed! I can't install my seamless hair clips!
  • I like the texture and color. It matched pretty well with my hair. It does shed some.
  • I’ve never been the type to wear clip ins but these give me life! They are thick and easy to curl.
  • Overall good.. disliked the amount of shedding.

04 Best Hairstyles for Everyday Life

Kinky Straight Clip-in Hair Extensions


Kinky Straight Human Hair Clip-In Extensions


For many African American women, the kinky straight hairdo is a popular choice. Essentially, it requires them to style their own hair in a non-relaxed blowout. It's a bold fashion statement that effectively highlights one's individuality and passion for life. Would you like to give it a try?

  • These seamless clip-ins are it. I initially thought they were not going to match my 4c texture coif! Lol, they were perfect with a flat iron of my natural hair The clips were not cheaper flimsy. The hairs will hold a curl!
  • Hair was very soft minimal to no shedding. Hair was better than expected. Delivery did take a little longer than expected but worth the wait. Will be ordering again.
  • I will raise my review to a 5 star if it didn't take so long to receive
  • The hair some loss when I brush it

05 Trends Color in Summer

Salt & Pepper Clip-In Hair Extensions


Salt & Pepper Clip-In Hair Extensions


I'm truly amazed at how the colorist nailed the hair color. It looks very natural, almost like my own hair color. It has a sun-kissed effect that perfectly blends the colors of the beach sky and sand, which is just appropriate for a hot day in Florida. The colorist has turned my hair into a stunning piece of art by utilizing a palette of warm and cool tones.

  • I bought these extensions to add volume and they sure did! The 14 inches are slightly longer than my hair and the color matches perfectly. The price was so good that I bought a second set to have just in case!
  • For the price, these extensions look beautiful, and easy to use.
  • These extensions are good for a special occasion, but for everyday wear they can be a little annoying. They smell, feel, and look like synthetic hair. They can be curled and straightened but not too hot because they WILL MELT. Mine melted when curling and theres some hairs i had to cut out due to this issue. 

06 Honey Blonde Color Hair

Honey Blonde Clip-In Extensions


Honey Blonde Clip-In Extensions


What are the most popular blonde hairstyles for 2023?

Warm golden tones and deep honey blondes, such as the Playboy bunny golden blonde and Kim Kardashian's new hue, are expected to become more popular in 2023, according to hairstylists Jennifer Korab and Nicholas Taylor. The color palette is shifting away from ashy blondes and toward comfortable blonde and honey tones.

  • I was shocked at how well they matched my hair, I bought 2 bundles and installed both and I was in love. Amazing product amazing price.

  • Really pretty minimal shed. Seamless install.

  • Love them!

  • The quality of the extensions in general is really good but the color is way off.

07 Best Hair Extensions for Curly Hair

Seamless PU Weft Clip In Hair Extensions



Seamless PU Weft Clip In Hair Extensions


Because of the deep curly nature of these hair extensions, you may have a stunning and natural hairstyle without visiting a salon. So, why not try Seamless PU weft clip-In hair extensions for a casual day out or a spectacular occasion right now? Change your look right now. 

  • I got 4 packs of the Yaki in different lengths. They seemed really thin in the packaging but once added to my hair it’s like 180% density (that’s just a guess but my point is it’s THICK) it tangles a little bit like your real hair but combs/brushes easily. Holds curls pretty well, straightens well and it feels and looks exactly like my hair. Definitely will buy it again
  • The hair itself is great but the product is a little hair  loss

08 Best Hair Match for African American Women

Yaki Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions



Yaki Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions


Yaki straight hair is indeed a great match for African American women's natural hair. It provides a natural look that blends perfectly with their own hair's natural texture. Is there an easy way to get it? Yes, of course! You can use clip-in hair extensions, which can add length and volume to the hair in minutes.

  • I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the hair. Barely any shedding and looks as good as the expensive hair I have bought in the past. A great buy. Don’t hesitate to buy.
  • Hair is real human hair, doesn’t require high heat to curl, is easy to install, blends well with my hair
  • The hair is great! I just don't know that it matches my 4C hair even with a blowout. I think it matches 4C hair when it is bone straight or a nice flat iron. Maybe my hair is just too kinky. Overall, I thought it looked good for the most part.

09 Classic hair style-2023

Deep Wave Human Hair Extensions


Deep Wave Human Hair Extensions


"Deep curly looks best on someone, making it an excellent choice for curly girls," Spino explains. "If you want a trendy haircut but don't want to spend all day styling, this is it." Allowing them to be curly adds a little bit of edge to the look.”

  • Great quality and true curly hair! Very soft texture and blends well with my natural hair!
  • The thickness is great and I only used one pack. I ordered to packs but didn’t need the extra. :)
  • Hair is very soft and good quality like all the other reviews state. It does have a smell but no different than any other pack of hair. I specifically bought this hair not only to save money but also because I read that it could be dyed. Unfortunately, it did not take my box dye at all. I’m giving it 3 stars because the hair is pretty and I would recommend it, but because I don’t want to dye my real hair black to match the clip-ins, I can’t really use them.


Do your clip-in hair extensions use 100% real human hair?

Yes, of course! All of our hair is 100% real human hair. We don't sell synthetic hair or hair mixed with chemicals.

What is your return policy?

You can enjoy a 7-day return service at Ywigs, to learn more...

How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

Properly cared for, the same set may be reused for 6-12 months or longer, providing excellent value.

Are clip-in extensions damaging to your hair?

Clip-in hair extensions are a great way to change a new look to add length, volume, and even colors. It does not damage your hair. However, when you wear clip-ins, please check the type of clip used to attach the extension, and if the clips are very sharp or have rough edges, which can damage hair. so, it's a good idea to look for bobby pins that are smooth and won't get caught in your hair.

Is it OK to sleep with clip-in extensions?

Many people wonder whether it is safe to sleep with clip-in hair extensions. While there is no clear consensus on the topic, we should know that sleeping with clip-in extensions can place added stress on your scalp and hair follicles, potentially leading to discomfort or even hair loss. It is also possible that the clips themselves could become loose or fall out during the night, leading to a less secure hold for the extensions overall.

Do clip-in extensions fall out easily?

One of the most common fears with clip-in hair extensions is that they may fall out rapidly. While clip-in extensions can become loosened and fall out, there are ways to avoid this. One approach is to utilize the correct size clip-in extension for your hair. Clips that are too little or too large may not hold properly and may fall out. Another method is to install the extensions correctly, ensuring that they are securely attached to your hair. Furthermore, excessive brushing or pulling on the extensions should be avoided, since this may cause them to come loose.

By following these tips and taking proper care of your clip-in extensions, you can enjoy the added length and volume they provide without having to worry about them falling out easily.

Can you shower with clip-in hair extensions?

Showering with clip-in hair extensions is a common question among people who use hair extensions. While showering with clip-in hair extensions is feasible, several measures must be taken to guarantee that the extensions remain in good condition. To keep your extensions from becoming wet, wear a shower hat. Furthermore, it is advised that you wash the extensions with a sulfate-free shampoo because it is mild and does not strip the extensions of their natural oils. Another piece of advice is to avoid using hot water because it might harm the extensions. Finally, it is critical to properly dry the extensions after showering to avoid damage or tangling.

How do clip-in extensions stay in thin hair?

Clip-in extensions are a popular technique to add volume and length to thin hair, but many people are unsure how long they will last. The quality of the extensions themselves is a crucial consideration. High-quality clip-ins have a firm grip and a solid connection, which aids in their retention. However, there are additional aspects to consider.

  • The hair is extremely greasy or oily, the clips may come undone more quickly.
  • The hair is particularly fine or slick, the clips may struggle to grasp it In this case, it may be helpful to use a texturizing spray or other product to give your natural hair more grip.
  • Make sure the clips are properly placed. Clip-ins work best when they are attached close to the scalp, but not too close that they cause discomfort. By experimenting with different placements and techniques, you can find the best way to make your clip-in extensions stay in thin hair.

How many clip-in extensions do I need for thin hair?

Clip-in extensions can add volume and length to fine hair. Start with a modest set of 5-7 wefts and progressively increase the number as needed. Concentrate the wefts in certain locations to get the desired effect or to conceal weakening spots. Select the appropriate hair extensions for your hair type and desired outcome. Two sets (14 pieces) are generally plenty for a complete head.


Why Choose Ywigs?

Ywigs is a professional company that provides real human hair extensions for African American women.

We offer a wide range of products, including tape-in, micro-link, micro bead, micro loop, and clip-in hair extensions, each with its own unique style and features-change hairstyle easily, and best matched to your natural hair.

Providing high-quality and suitable products for each customer has always been our belief.

So, our products have gained a loyal following among African Americans in the US market who appreciate our quality and style.

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