A Guide to Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions (also known as adhesive hair extensions)  have become extremely popular due to their easy application method. Tape-in hair extensions are thinner in application which some individuals may find more comfortable. If well taken care of, hair extensions can be reused many times by replacing the tape adhesives. Tape-In hair extensions are held in place by double-sided tape that is applied by placing two pieces of the adhesive tape together, with your natural hair sitting in between. The process can take minutes without any prior experience with extensions. 

Let’s have a look at how to apply tape-in extensions.

With a little practice, applying tape-in hair extensions is pretty easy. Here are a few helpful tips to remember.

  • Prep -Start with clarified, clean hair. No conditioner.
  • Use a friend. - This is not mandatory, but it will definitely be quicker and easier if you have another set of eyes and hands. If you don't have any friends (sad face) you can use two mirrors to see the back of your head and do it yourself.
  • Section (bottom to top) - It's easiest to start from the bottom of your scalp and work your way up. Start your first row an inch or two up from the bottom of your scalp. Using a comb, part your hair evenly. Pull the top half up and secure it, leaving the bottom half hanging down. 
  • Be aware of placement. - You don't want to put your extensions too close to the edge of your scalp (by your face and stuff), lest they be seen. Also, avoid putting them too high up towards your part!
  • Don’t take off the tape backing until you’re done sectioning the hair. - Do not take the backing off of the tape and stick it on your finger while sectioning hair. Simply section the hair first and then use your nail to lift the backing from the tape, keeping your fingers away from the tape as you peel it, while placing the weft onto the sectioned hair. When you seal the weft, make sure there are no air bubbles.
  • Sticky to sticky. - You're going to be sandwiching a layer of your hair between two extensions. Use your comb to get a nice even section, that is as wide as one of your extension wefts. Do not apply too much hair in-between the tape wefts. Make sure the sticky bits from the top and bottom extension are touching each other, for maximum adherence. Avoid touching the sticky parts as much as possible so oils from your hands don’t weaken the adhesive (this leads to slippage)

Removing Tape-In Extensions

Just as important as installing the hair is removing it properly to avoid damage.

  • Use a clear oil tape-in bond remover (not a keratin bond remover).
  • Wash and clarify your extensions, don’t condition.
  • With clean hands, use replacement tape to re-apply the extensions.

How to Care for Tape-In Extensions

  • Wash & condition with sulfate-free products only!
  • Avoid any conditioners near the tape. Conditioners on the tape may cause slippage.
  • Try to air dry whenever possible and be gentle when brushing. Go from the bottom up, holding the extensions to avoid pulling. Use the right brush & leave-in conditioners, and try to avoid brushing when wet.
  • Always use a heat protectant before straightening, curling, or using any form of high heat.
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair.