Seamless PU Clip In Hair Extensions

What Is Pu Clip In Hair Extensions?

Pu Clip In Hair Extensions is a new kind of human hair clip-ins to help customers to make long hairstyles or to make fuller hair density. Pu Clip In Hair Is New Designed on the normal human hair clip-ins. Added Pu Skin on the clip-ins weft and will be much more natural looking like your own skin on the head. Pu Clip In Human Hair Extensions is much easier to make a natural-looking on the head. The seamless clip-in hair clip is also called invisible clip-on hair, PU clip in hair extensions. It is the perfect plan to cover thin or thick hair.

The flat design of these seamless extensions makes the weft easy to cover with the customer's own hair. This means that ladies can get a perfect blend by placing the extension close to the parting point.

Our seamless hair extensions are very comfortable, and may not even feel the weft being clamped. They are made of beautiful 100% human hair, and you can choose various lengths and shapes to catch your market.

*The thickness of the PU weft is only about 1mm, which can truly fit seamlessly with the scalp.

*Such a thin and light design brings customers an extremely comfortable experience.

*It looks very high-end, suitable for customers in the high-end market.

*High-quality clips are not easy to break after tens of thousands of bends.

*The silicone coating clips will not pinch their own hair during installation and use.

*Use the least number of clips to hold the most hair, no glue, and no damage to own hair.

*All the clips are sewn in 3 fixed positions to avoid dropping.

*Quick installation, convenient and simple, anyone can install it instantly, no need to go to the salon.

* The target customer group is very large because it is convenient and fast.

 Compared with other hair extensions that need to be installed in the salon, the clip-on hair needs to be installed and removed every day, which is more suitable for customers who try hair extension products for the first time and who need to change their styling frequently. Because of the seamless design, the production time and production cost are relatively high.

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