Microlink Hair Extension


    Microlinks, also referred to as microbeads or micro rings, are copper beads that are used to attach extensions to natural hair in lieu of glues, tapes, and thread. I-tip microlinks is a strand by strand technique that consists of pre-tipped Keratin I-tip strand of hair weighing 0.8g to 1g that’s attached using a special hair extension plier tool clamping to a small cluster of your own hair strand, combined using a copper or aluminum cylinder micro bead.

    Microlinks are suitable for almost anyone, so long as your natural hair is at least four inches long and your hair is fine to medium or medium to thick. Anyone who suffers with scalp sensitivity when receiving braids but loves wearing hair extensions could use microlinks as an alternative. If you’re looking to achieve more length, density, color dimension, or to fill in those unwanted spaces that may have been the result of a bad cut or stress, microlinks are for you.

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