How to Perfectly Place Tape-in Extensions on Natural Hair

How to Perfectly Place Tape-ins on Natural Hair

Are you looking for a new way to update your look? Do you want to try something a little more daring without the commitment of permanent extensions? If so, Tape-In Hair Extensions could be the perfect solution for you. Tape-Ins are an easy, semi-permanent way to get long, luxurious hair without the fuss of glue or weaves. With Tape-Ins, you can get the look you want without the long-term commitment.

Tape-In Hair Extensions are perfect for women looking to add length and volume to their natural hair. They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. Plus, they are a great way to switch up your look without any permanent damage to your hair. And with the endless possibilities, you can have fun experimenting with different styles. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic side part, a high ponytail, a half-up half-down style, or something else, Tape-In Extensions can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

In this article, we will explore the best practices for tape-in extension placement specifically tailored to women with thin hair, short hair, and those aiming to create a ponytail hairstyle. By following these guidelines, you can achieve a seamless and natural look while preserving the health of your hair.

Tape-in Extension Placement for Thin Hair:

When working with thin hair, tape-in extensions can provide the desired volume and length. Here's a recommended approach for their placement:

  1. Sectioning: Divide the hair into small, horizontal sections starting from the nape of the neck and working your way up. These sections should be approximately 1 inch wide.
  2. Attachment: Place the tape-in extensions close to the scalp, about 1/4 inch away, to prevent discomfort and allow for natural movement. The extensions should be evenly spaced within each section.
  3. Blending: Once all the extensions are in place, gently press the tape against the hair to create a seamless blend. Use a flat iron on low heat to smooth and merge the natural hair with the extensions.
  4. Styling: Style the hair as desired, taking care to use heat protectant products and avoiding excessive tension or pulling on the extensions.

Tape-in Extension Placement for Short Hair:

For women with short hair, tape-in extensions can offer a quick and convenient way to achieve longer styles. Follow these steps for effective placement:

  1. Sectioning: Divide the hair into small, vertical sections from ear to ear. These sections should be about 1 inch wide and extend from the hairline to the back of the head. It's crucial to follow the natural growth pattern to ensure a seamless blend.
  2. Attachment: Place the tape-in extensions horizontally across each section, starting from the nape and working your way up.
  3. Blending: Use a razor or thinning shears to blend the extensions with the natural hair, creating a seamless transition. This will help achieve a natural and layered look.

Tape-in Extension Placement for Ponytail Style:

Creating a ponytail with tape-in extensions adds length, fullness, and versatility. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sectioning: Part the hair horizontally at the desired ponytail height and secure the top section away. Gather the remaining hair into a low or mid-height ponytail to serve as the anchor.
  2. Attachment: Apply two tape-in extensions to the anchor ponytail, ensuring they are placed vertically for maximum grip and stability. Press firmly to secure the extensions.
  3. Blending: Release the top section of hair and carefully cover the tape-in extensions by incorporating the natural hair. Smooth any visible tape with a flat iron on low heat for a seamless finish.
  4. Styling and Securing: Once the extensions are in place, style the ponytail as desired. Use bobby pins or a hair tie to secure the extensions and natural hair together. Apply a small amount of hair serum orfinishing spray for added shine and hold.

Tape-in extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your natural hair. With the right placement techniques, you can achieve the perfect look for thin, short or ponytail hair. It is important to consult with a professional stylist to ensure the best results. With a little practice and patience, you can have beautiful, natural-looking hair with tape-in extensions.


We hope this article has given you some useful tips and tricks for tape-in extension placement for natural hair. We'd love to hear from you about your experiences with tape-in extensions. Leave a comment below and let us know what techniques you use to achieve the perfect look for your natural hair.

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