Cap Size Guide


Before you begin measuring your head, make sure your hair is all pinned up and lying flat (with or without a wig cap). Your hair must be prepared the same way you would have it right before applying the wig. This will eliminate bulges that distort head contours. Use a tape measure to measure. Most lace wig measurements are made in inches. Do not stretch the tape measure tape when measuring. * When measuring, place your measuring tape outside of your natural hairline.

Please note:  If you have a hairline you will need to add 1" to your #2 and #5 Measurements in order for the wig to be glued in front of your hairline.

Hair Loss Clients -  If you do not have a hairline, then you do not need to add 1".  However, if you expect your hairline to grow back and want the wig to accommodate you once it does you can add 1" however keep in mind your wig may be a little too big if you do that.

Glueless Full Stretch Cap Wig Clients - You may consider reducing your measurements by 1" as glueless caps stretch and tend to run bigger.