Bulk Human Braiding Hair


    Get Your Perfect Braiding Style With Ywigs Bulk Human Hair

    Bulk human braiding hair, available in medium to luxuriously long lengths, is an essential element for crafting a variety of braided hairstyles tailored for black hair.

    This adaptable hair option is the foundation for stunning braided styles, making it the top choice for those seeking protective and fashionable looks.

    Explore the world of braid hairstyles for black hair that complement bulk human braiding hair:

    • Curly Goddess Braids: Elevate your style with goddess braids featuring pre-curled locks, radiating elegance and charm. Perfect for those who love loose curls.
    • Goddess Box Braids: Embrace the allure of goddess braids combined with the captivating flair of box braids, striking a balance between tradition and trend. A unique blend of jumbo box braids and intricate styling.
    • Goddess Braids Updo: Craft a protective and chic goddess braids updo to frame your face and enhance your appearance, seamlessly combining style and hair protection. Ideal for those who prefer face-framing hairstyles.
    • Braided Buns: Use bulk hair extensions to create intricate and eye-catching braided bun hairstyles, perfect for various occasions. Experiment with high buns for a trendy and sophisticated look.
    • Natural Hair Braids: Amplify the beauty of your natural hair with the versatility of bulk human braiding hair. Achieve stunning braids with or without curls, letting your unique style shine. Add French curls for extra flair.

    Navigate the extensive color chart to effortlessly select the perfect shade, that complements your natural black hair. Explore options like blonde box braids or color braiding for a personalized touch.

    Whether you desire long, flowing goddess braids or the chic elegance of medium-length styles, this bulk hair extension is the ultimate tool for realizing your braided dreams. Encourage creativity with super-long braids and boho braids.

    For inspiration, log in to follow creators, watch videos, and engage in the comments section. Stay updated on trends and techniques, from micro braids to high buns.

    Incorporate bulk human braiding hair into your hairstyling repertoire for a world of possibilities, enhancing your look and safeguarding your hair's health, especially with knotless braids with curls.

      Mix bulk human hair with synthetic goddess box braids for added fullness and a natural finish.
      Crochet Boho Box Braids with Human Hair Curls

      Choosing the Best Bulk Hair for Your Braids

      Consider these factors when selecting bulk hair for braiding:
      • Quality - Opt for 100% human hair that is soft, shiny, and tangle-free for the best results.
      • Desired Style - Certain styles may require thicker or smoother hair textures.
      • Mixing - Blend human hair with synthetic for fuller braids. Ensure compatibility.
      • Texture - Choose the appropriate texture for your desired look, like kanekalon for cornrows.
      With the right bulk braiding hair, you can keep up with the hottest braided hair trends this season. Explore the endless styling possibilities that await.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1 bundle is equal to 3.5oz. Clients use between 1-2+ bundles depending on desired volume, length and the size of the braids. Some hair is lost during preparation for braiding so we'd recommend buying a bit more.

      Finger detangling the curls everyday. Refreshing the curls 1 or 2 times a week. Brushing out the curls while the curls are wet. Sleeping with a bonnet. Adding hair mousse to the curls.

      A generous amount of any curly leave-in conditioner, hair growth oil, or your preferred hair oil mixed with water will help maintain the freshness of the curls.

      Bulk hair extension refers to a bundle of hair with no weft used for hair braiding or customizing any other wig, hairpiece, or hair extensions. It is free of any external attachments or applications such as wig caps, weaves, clip-ins, keratin tips, tape-ins, closures, or frontals. Our bulk hair extension is made of premium-quality, 100% authentic human hair which is highly natural looking – just like your clients’ own hair.

      You can style it with heat, dye it into specific colors, or even bleach it. Bulk hair extensions can also be textured to curly bulk hair or wavy bulk hair. Upon your client’s request, bulk hair can also be shipped in its original condition.

      When selecting bulk hair extensions for braiding, consider factors such as the desired hair texture (straight, wavy, curly), color match to your natural hair, quality of the hair (human or synthetic), length, and thickness. It's important to choose high-quality extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a natural-looking result.

      Typically, 2-4 hair bundles of braiding hair is enough for a full install. The style, length, and installation process could vary the number of bundles being used. You have to consult a professional in order to find the accurate numbers of braiding hair bundles for yourself.

      The longevity of bulk hair extensions for braiding depends on the quality of the hair and how well they are maintained. Generally, our human hair extensions can last 6-18 months with proper care, including regular washing, conditioning, and avoiding excessive heat styling.

      There are several techniques to install braiding hair. It is used for block braids, cornrows, tree braids, Brazilian Knots, microlinks, fusion, and more. It is advised that your best braiding hair be installed by a professional and have a consultation with them to know the proper amount of hair you would need for your style.

      To care for bulk hair extensions used for braiding, you should follow some essential steps. Avoid using heavy oils or greasy products near the roots, as they can weigh down the braids. Gently detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers, starting from the ends and working your way up. When sleeping, consider wrapping your braids with a silk or satin scarf or using a silk pillowcase to minimize friction.

      Since these human hair for braiding is loose hair and not weft, it cannot be easy to reuse. It is always recommended to go to an expert to un-braid them and preserve the hair. It is typically to lose a significant amount of hair in this process.

      It completely depends on your hair growth. If your braids hair is having faster growth then you may need to reinstall them within 8 weeks but if your braids hair have a slower growth then you will need to reinstall them in 12 -16 weeks. It is recommended that you keep braids hair in for up to 8 weeks.